A Spark in the Dark

"The courageous heart is the one that is unafraid to open to the world, to care no matter what." – Jack Kornfield

No doubt, we are in the midst of times that demand our strength and resilience and our courageous hearts. And so, the collected, gathered and offered teachings here may be of use, helping us to ground, connect, accept and move with the trouble. The modules of this course, contain resources for resourcing, stories to take refuge in, and practices for wholeness and whole-heartedness.

This course focuses on Yogic and Buddhist teachings and practices that can provide insight and comfort in this time. 

This is a self-paced course with all content available now. Each module in this course contains:

  • A philosophy video
  • A suggested daily practice
  • An asana class
  • A meditation
  • Resources for further study

Scholarships available if finances are an obstacle to your participation. Please email wildchildmoves[at]gmail[dot]com to request.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Week One: Connecting and Grounding

    • Connect with the Earth

    • Philosophy: Touching the Earth

    • Asana: Grounding and Reaching

    • Walking Meditation: Enjoying Each Step

    • Inspiration

  • 3

    Week Two: Compassion and Grief

    • The Awakened Heart

    • Philosophy: The Bodhisattva Path

    • Asana: Heart Leads

    • Bonus Meditation: Metta Bhavana

    • Inspiration

  • 4

    Week Three: Rest and Recovery

    • Rest and Recovery

    • Philosophy: Despair and Regeneration

    • Yin Yoga: Anti-Fragility

    • Meditation: Guided Relaxation

    • Inspiration

  • 5

    Week Four: Resilience and Resourcing

    • Resilience and Resourcing

    • Philosophy: The Strength of the Earth

    • Asana: Honouring Life

    • Moving Meditation: The Evolutionary Gifts of the Animals

    • Inspiration

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Resources for falling apart and coming together