Rewild through presence and movement

Online courses for rewilding body, mind, heart and soul integrating yoga, movement, meditation, nature connection and the work that reconnects.

This school's purpose is aligning with the regenerative power of life and evolution. So much about the universe has conspired for our existence and yet instead of honouring life, humanity has largely lost its way and forgotten the sacred, forgotten what it means to be a human animal, just one strand on the vast web of life. However that is changing, movement and momentum is afoot. I hope what is offered here can contribute to the Great Turning, as elder Joanna Macy has termed it.

The courses here span yoga & meditation, playful movement practice, deep ecology, the Work That Reconnects and sacred activism. Courses for rewilding body, heart, mind and soul; connecting to our inner wilds through engagement with the outer wild; rewilding yoga; shifting consciousness from ego to eco-identity, and reconnecting with the sacred.

Hi I'm Anna

I'm a yoga teacher and facilitator of The Work That Reconnects and Deep Ecology. My work in the world is in facilitating opportunities for people to connect to their wild nature through movement, deep ecology, presence in nature and Work That Reconnects workshops, events and retreats through my biz Moving Mindful Nature. This online school will be an extension of that, weaving deep ecology, movement, yoga & meditation to cultivate connection.

I'm interested in sacred activism, evolutionary activism and how we humans can make the evolutionary leap we need to thrive with and as the world.