Join Handstand Club!

Handstands aren't mastered in a day. The intention of this subscription service is to provide the consistent training needed to learn how to balance on your hands. Included is a fundamentals  'Anatomy of a Handstand' series breaking down anatomy and alignment, which is always available for subscribers to refer back to for refinement and conditioning. And every week includes the following fresh content:

  • 1x conditioning & strengthening video
  • 1x rest & recovery video
  • 1x live stream group class every Thursday night 630-730pm (Australian Eastern Time)
  • The recording of the livestream class

The conditioning video will include strength training and drills.

The recovery video will blend myo-fascial release, nerve glides and stretching to release the areas that can build tension with a regular handstand practice.

And the live stream (via zoom) class will blend 'yobility' (a yoga and mobility blend), space for personalised coaching and questions, drills and strength training. This class will also be recorded for those who can't make it live.

Handstands are a super fun way to build strength and stay fit! This content provides options to all levels, so whether you're a beginner or a handstand lover from way back, you are welcome here.

And it's all only AUD$30 a month, and the first seven days are free!


For only $30/month subscribers receive a weekly conditioning video, a weekly recovery video, a weekly live stream class (via zoom), and a fundamentals series.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Handstand Club!

  • 2

    Anatomy of a Handstand

    • Hands, Wrists & Forearms

    • Shoulders & Arms

    • Core & Pelvis

    • Putting it Together

  • 3


    • Conditioning 23/11-30/11

  • 4


    • Guided Relaxation: Recovery 23/11-30/11

  • 5

    Weekly Live Class

    • Class Recording November 19

    • Handstand Club Livestream Nov 26

  • 6

    Bonus Videos

    • Bonus: Wrist Tune Up

    • Bonus: Yin for the Shoulders


  • Do I need a lot of space to practice?

    No you only need enough space for your yoga mat and ideally some wall space. We use the wall for some drills but can also work with the edge of a couch or a chair. And you always have the option of having the wall behind you as support.

  • Do I need to be able to handstand?

    No. The program will give you the foundations, and as you continue your training and get stronger you'll get there! And in the meantime I give plenty of options to accomodate all levels. The challenge is half the fun.

  • Do I need to be physically strong?

    No I offer suggestions for reps in the drills and strength training but acknowledge that participants can do more or less according to where they’re at physically and energetically on any given day. And over time you will build strength and stamina.

  • What happens if I have to miss a livestream class?

    Never fear - the classes are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours, and available for you to catch up on for a week before being replaced with the new content.

  • Who is this program for?

    This program is for anyone who likes to get fit in fun ways, those who want to integrate a regular handbalance practice into their lives, anyone who loves a challenge and wants to master this skill, those who want to build strength in shoulders, arms and core, yoga practitioners who want to integrate more inversions and refine their handstand practice, those who find joy turning upside down, anyone who wants to overcome fear of turning upside down.

A perfect mix

by Sam

Anna is an amazing teacher, [the handstands course] being a small class, she had time to understand where your body was at and push you to take the next step. The class is a perfect mix of yoga, conditioning, strength and fun handstand skills, I also learnt lots of new ways to practice at home. Anna really understands the anatomy for handstand, we learnt how to engage the nessesary muscles and find the right alignment for the perfect handstand. I loved every class.